Are you an organization that puts the wellbeing of your staff at the heart of what you offer?

Are many of your staff suffering with stress and stress-related conditions?

Would you like to create a happier and healthier working environment where everyone can thrive?

Our practices aim at reducing stress, which will, in turn, make your team more effective, boosting morale, which will increase productivity and reduce absenteeism.

In the current climate ensuring your staff’s well-being is paramount. With homeworking and the disconnect of having face to face contact, this pandemic has had an impact on many individual’s mental health, their confidence and in some cases their general health. Hence being a responsible organisation that puts the well-being at the heart of what you offer provides your staff with the appreciation, inclusiveness, and confidence that they may otherwise lack without that connectivity.

Trial our 30-minute Well-being / Stress buster session!

Our founder, Mara Musso, has created a bespoke well-being session which is delivered as a convenient 30-minute online class. The session is accessible to anyone, including people with mobility issues, as it is practised sitting on a chair. No special equipment is required and it can be practised sitting at a desk, as not much space is needed. It includes a combination of desk stretching, breathing and mindfulness.

The techniques learnt will equip your staff with the practices and tools that will help their mental and physical well-being now and in the future.

For a limited time only, we are offering a free trial. Don’t delay! Book your free trial now!

‘A brilliant session and feel so much better for doing it!’

‘I felt well stretched, calmer and ready for the day ahead.’

‘A great session and I felt that 30 minutes was spot on.’

Your Teams’  Well-Being 

Your teams’ well-being is important to us. We are passionate about what we do. The holistic practices that we offer have been tried and tested and we know that they work!

Our objective is for our  holistic services to be supporting your staff’s wellbeing now and in the future.

Whether it’s part of team building exercise, a well-being session for the team or indeed a regular session for the whole organisation, we can arrange an offer.


A free initial consultation

Our expert team will reach out to you firstly to understand your needs and what you hope to achieve from the session(s). This initial consultation will enable us to ascertain your requirements and discuss with you the possible suitable options that might work for you and your team.

If you have specific requirements and you already know what you would like, we can deliver an offer to your specifications too.


On-going expert advice

Once your business is part of our community, we will continue to work with you to see how we can add further value to your journey, and we will adapt to your requirements as your business needs change. So the consultation and expert advice never ends.


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