A reduced summer timetable is available from June until further notice.


Our yoga classes include Asana, breath awareness and relaxation. We offer convenient 45 minutes’ sessions, which you can easily fit into your day.

Why not start your day with an early morning class or give yourself a refreshing break half-way through your working day with a lunchtime class?

We also offer longer sessions of 60 minutes and one 90 minutes session for more experienced practitioners.

We offer classes for different levels of abilities from complete beginners to seasoned practitioners. Choose the level that is best for you, bearing in mind that alternatives and modifications are always offered.

Please familiarise yourself with the hints for practice leaflet before joining a class.

Chair stretching

All our chair stretching sessions are 30 minutes long and they are done from sitting on a chair, making them accessible to everyone.

The stretches can be easily incorporated into your working day. There is no need for lots of space or fancy equipment, just a simple chair (preferably with no armrests and, if possible, with a low back).

You’ll be surprised at how much can be done from sitting on a chair!

Chair stretching is also suitable if you have mobility issues, are elderly, convalescing or are a wheelchair user.

Breathing/ Mindfulness

We combine breathing and mindfulness as the breathing is calming and it is an excellent preparation for the practice of mindfulness.

The breathing techniques we teach are designed to slow down the breath, improve lungs’ capacity and deepen the exhalation. They are suitable for everyone, regardless of experience or lack of it.

The first 15 minutes are dedicated to breathing, followed by a guided 15 minutes’ meditation.

This evening practice has a very calming effect on the nervous system and it will help you unwind at the end of a busy day. You can practice either sitting on a chair or on the floor.


We offer a 30 minutes’ guided relaxation to help you let go of all the tension and stress accumulated during the day. This is a powerful stress-busting technique.

You’ll be able to practise either lying on the floor or on a firm bed. Don’t be surprised if you catch yourself nodding off!